Myrtle & Moss

Myrtle & Moss Rosemary & Lavender Oil Diffuser


Nothing beats the calming sensation of walking into a softly fragranced room. Our beautiful, 100% pure essential oil diffuser brings a calming scent to create a relaxed and fragranced environment - perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces. Our sweet rosemary/lavender notes will bring heightened relaxation to any space. With up to 60 hours of fragrance, you can enjoy your Myrtle & Moss diffuser for days on end.

  • 125mL - Ideal for bathrooms and ensuites, hallways or office desks. Will last for 2-3 months.
  • 250mL - Better suited for the more spacious rooms in the house like lounge rooms and large bedrooms. Will last 4-5 months.

For the best scent dispersion make sure to rotate your reed sticks weekly.


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