Talisman 3-way Bag

Just as its name suggests the versatile Talisman 3-Way Bag can be worn in 3 ways, as a shoulder bag, as a sling or folded over and worn like a satchel. Handcrafted from 100% supple tumble-washed leather and with a branded Berber motif key chain, it has a relaxed lived-in feel and an understated sophistication.


Dimensions of the Bag :

Height 34cm (13")

Width 36cm (14")

Depth 12cm (4.75")

Dimensions of the Strap:

Length: 54cm (21")

Width: 4cm (1.5")

Weight: 420g (0.9lbs.)

    Collection Notes | Talisman Bags
    Our Talisman tumble-washed leather bags are inspired by the raw, timeless beauty of the Sahara Desert and also by my heritage and the relaxed, easygoing Australian way of life. 

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